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Experience the pinnacle of hospitality and tourism at the Yerevan International Tourism & Related Industries Exhibition. This esteemed event serves as a global platform for countries, regions, and companies, both local and international, to showcase their premier travel and hospitality products and services.

As an internationally recognized gathering, the Yerevan International Tourism & Related Industries Exhibition provides exhibitors and visitors alike with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with representatives from global travel associations and industry regulators. Discover new clients, forge strategic partnerships, and stay abreast of the latest trends shaping the travel and hospitality landscape.

Set against the captivating backdrop of Armenia, the Yerevan International Tourism & Related Industries Exhibition 2024 promises to be a transformative event for the tourism industry. Drawing professionals, businesses, and organizations from around the world, this exhibition serves as a nexus for unveiling cutting-edge innovations and advancements in travel and hospitality offerings.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Yerevan International Tourism & Related Industries Exhibition 2024 brochure. Delve into the myriad networking opportunities, enriching learning experiences, and collaborative partnerships that await at this year’s event. Join us in shaping the future of travel and hospitality on a global scale.



Promoting Tourism

YITE aims to promote tourism in Armenia and the surrounding region by showcasing the country's diverse attractions, cultural heritage, and hospitality offerings to a global audience.
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Facilitating Business Networking

The exhibition provides a platform for industry professionals, businesses, and stakeholders to network, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that drive growth and innovation in the tourism sector.
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Showcasing Innovation

YITE aims to highlight the latest innovations, technologies, and trends in the tourism and related industries, helping exhibitors stay ahead of the curve and enhance their offerings to meet evolving consumer demands.
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Fostering Collaboration

YITE encourages collaboration and cooperation among tourism stakeholders, including government agencies, tour operators, hoteliers, airlines, and other service providers, to create a more vibrant and sustainable tourism ecosystem.
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Educating and Informing

Through seminars, workshops, and presentations, YITE seeks to educate and inform attendees about key issues, challenges, and opportunities in the tourism industry, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive positive change.
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Overall, Armenia’s tourism industry continues to evolve and expand, offering visitors a unique blend of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. With ongoing investments and strategic initiatives, the country is poised to further capitalize on its tourism potential and attract a growing number of international visitors in the years to come.


1. Cultural Richness
2. Networking Opportunities
3. Innovative Offerings
4. Business Expansion
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1. Global Exposure
2. Networking Opportunities
3. Market Access
4. Brand Visibility
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Pure Land brings together a diverse range of industry professionals, creating a dynamic environment for collaboration and growth.

Here’s who you can expect to connect with.

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20 SEPTEMBER 2024 | 22 SEPTEMBER 2024


Here’s who you can expect to connect with:

Tourism Industry Categories
Category Description
Travel agencies and companies Businesses that arrange tours, transportation, and accommodation for tourists.
Travel service Activities related to planning and booking travel arrangements, including flights, hotels, and activities.
Air, sea, land and rail Transport companies Providers of transportation services like airlines, cruise lines, train companies, and bus operators.
Hotel and Accommodation Facilities Establishments offering lodging and other services for tourists, including hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and vacation rentals.
Health and Medical tourism Travel associated with receiving medical or wellness treatments.
Includes medical centers, private clinics, SPA and Wellness centers.
Tourism and industry organizations, NTO/RTO National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) and Regional Tourism Organizations (RTOs) that promote and develop tourism destinations.
Entertainment tourism and museums Travel motivated by entertainment experiences, including theme parks, casinos, museums, and cultural attractions.
Types of passenger cars (bus, middle bus, van) Vehicles used for transporting tourists, categorized by size and capacity (buses, minibuses, vans).
Description also includes terminals where passengers board and disembark.
Car rental companies Businesses that offer cars for rent to tourists for self-driven exploration.
Glamping and camping supplies Equipment and services associated with upscale camping experiences (glamping) and traditional camping.
Free trade zones Designated areas with relaxed trade regulations, potentially impacting tourism-related goods and services.
Ministries, embassies, departments Government entities responsible for tourism policies, regulations, and international cooperation.
Specialized Tourism Niche tourism sectors catering to specific interests, such as adventure, eco-tourism, or cultural tourism.
Investment companies Firms that invest in tourism-related businesses, contributing to industry growth.
Finance, insurance & auditing services Financial services supporting tourism businesses, including travel insurance and financial audits.
Advertising organizations, companies & NGOS Entities involved in promoting tourism destinations and services through advertising campaigns.
Associations, organizations and trade unions in this field Professional groups representing tourism industry stakeholders, advocating for their interests.
Specialized Media Publications and media outlets focused on the tourism industry, providing news and information.

Tourism in Armenia

While admittedly a niche tourism market, Armenia has not realized its full tourism potential. Services for tourists and travelers are reasonably good in Yerevan and developing in the rest of the country. According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments in 2017, around 1,494,779 people entered Armenia as tourists, an increase of 18.7% compared to 2016. That said, the number of visitors to Armenia increased for the last several years. Armenia has more than 700 possible tourist attractions, with a majority of them yet underdeveloped and set to enlarge.

Responsive Tourism Sector Table

Tourism Sector in Armenia (Unit: Thousand U.S. Dollars)

Year Tour Operators Services Hotel Services Travel Exports Travel Imports Exchange Rates
2015 28,183 46,291 935,800 995,800 478
2016 25,038 47,835 967,700 1,067,200 480
2017 31,364 52,642 1,120,200 1,269,800 483
2018 (Estimated) 35,364 55,113 1,220,200 1,369,800 485

Data Sources: National Statistic Service: Yearbook 2017, Social Economic Situation in Armenia 2017 January-December, and Central Bank of Armenia

Armenia's Attractions

Where Mountains Meet History

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